Tag: Summerhall


I am all over the place at the moment, spent all week taking down lighting and hanging systems and closing accounts etc etc etc – Axolotl at Dundas Street will be closed from Friday – ie empty, nothing, nada

We are also moving house, lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels up to the Meadows, me, Derek, Charlie, the dog, the 2 cats, the 2 guineapigs, the 2 fish, the axolotl and Gilbert and George the tortoises – plus my plan chest and all artwork – so soon AXO will also be no more!

Tis not all doom and gloom, I have been asked to curate and organise the womens only art festival at the nearly finished Summerhall at the site of the olde Dick Vet at the Meadows, I have also been offered space to relocate Axolotl and AXO and a studio to work in.