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Said Blondie – and I know just how she feels.

Anyhoo Happy New Year.  Id like to say I make and keep my new years resolutions but I dont – I do monthly revolutions and January is going to be a month of sketching and planning – so I will be daily instagramming my sketches from Pompeii (27-30 Dec) where I amused myself by filling one of the tiny sketch books you get in cheap crackers – follow me on https://www.instagram.com/sarahtheartistwilson/ – or dont cos I’ll post the images next week and tell you what my plans are ………. ooooh cryptic!!!




At the beginning of 2015 I dutifully started my monthly revolutions – much easier than resolutions as they can be changed as I see fit!

I decided to step right out of my comfort zone and explore new mediums and ideas – namely, flower painting classes and lino cutting.  Living life on the edge as always.

I joined a 10 week class at the Edinburgh Drawing School and its the most fun I’ve ever had on a Tuesday afternoon.  2.5 hours of observing and honing my drawing skills (haven’t done that since primary school) – I loved the course so much I enrolled for a second block, this time with the intention of using the printmakers workshop to produce a series of lino cuts.  Putting wood cutting on the back burner – not literally – as I discovered a linocut takes about 3 hours, a woodcut about 3 days and it hurts my thumb!

So, heres my sketches from the first 10 weeks – where Im going with them – well stay tuned!

driping thistlebleeding thistlecharcoal thistlepink thistlethistles and swirlswatercolour thistlethistle inkred thistlered and cream oil