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LOCK-DOWN – ART, HARRY POTTER and some blatant self promotion

LOCK-DOWN – ART, HARRY POTTER and some blatant self promotion

Hello you lovely Muggles …. etc etc etc lockdown is ok I guess, as an artist I’m used to sitting on my own working but I have definitely produced more work in the last 70 days than in the last 5 years!

For those wanting to know my secrets – well I don’t have any, Ive just got myself into a creative routine.  I signed up for the 100 days project and that was easier cos Im in self-isolation so its killed time and been a great diary of the nonsense Ive been up to daily – hey …. today I ate an avocado!  Follow me if you want to on instagram, Im up to day 50 – and I’m very funny



Ive also been sorting through sketchbooks and signed up for the £1,000 artists pledge – sell a piece of work for £200 or less and when you reach £1k buy another artists work for £200 or less ….. I sold loads of my lovely toyobo prints for £50 (instead of the £120 I usually sell them for) and a few paintings at huge knockdown prices.  There’s no point in selling for my normal price as people are not wanting to part with huge amounts of their hard earned cash during this crazy lockdown – but if you are one of them, my work is on my website http://www.sarah-ewilson.co.uk.


Finally I’ve been having a great time posting daily bedtime stories for kids or anyone who likes a listen without any swearing.  I’ve already read Peter Pan and 101 Dalmations and now I’m on to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Im even doing all the voices – well the way I hear them when I read it!!!!

Please pop into my youtube channel and subscribe – Im not doing it for profit just to keep kids entertained and see if I can hit more than 20 subscribers!!!!!!


Lastly – I’ll be posting the steps I went through to finish my first big painting of lockdown ….. so stay tunes and STAY SAFE xxxx