I hope you enjoyed last night Brer Rabbit bedtime story – these stories are for little people and Enid Blyton fans so I am being as silly as the day takes me.  Please feel free to share as this is your 10 minute cuppa break before bedtime and theres a fluffy hand washing reminder at the end.

Stay safe and see you tomorrow xx




As a chronic asthmatic and having been treated for cancer I am unfortunately stuck inside.  I will obviously still be making art but have decided to use my qualification of being the year below Ewan McGregor at drama college and working for Radio Forth, to good use.   As a closet Enid Blyton fan – especially Brer Rabbit – I have decided to re-read a chapter an evening as a bedtime story for anyone whose child cares to listen.

Please do not feel the need to put any rude or derogatory messages after my posts – we’re all in the together – STAY SAFE xxx


Said Blondie – and I know just how she feels.

Anyhoo Happy New Year.  Id like to say I make and keep my new years resolutions but I dont – I do monthly revolutions and January is going to be a month of sketching and planning – so I will be daily instagramming my sketches from Pompeii (27-30 Dec) where I amused myself by filling one of the tiny sketch books you get in cheap crackers – follow me on – or dont cos I’ll post the images next week and tell you what my plans are ………. ooooh cryptic!!!


And ……. breathe !

And ……. breathe !

Last weekend was what Ive been working towards for the past XX years and now its passed I couldn’t be happier.  Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair at Kelvingrove Marquee ran over two days with a VIP preview evening after the set up day.  Packed up the Jeep and set off on Friday morning with my glamorous assistant Paul Fieldsend for a weekend of art, food and Eurovision.

It makes me laugh looking back at the the crazy thoughts that stressed me out before I left.  Would 60 pictures be enough,  what would I do if everything sold on the opening night, would the glue dots really be permanent, how does the card machine work, will Madonna’s massacre Like a Prayer – etc etc.

The satisfaction on the final day when you realise that its all been worth it, the validity as you watch all your hard work being nicely wrapped in the packaging area ready to go to its new home.

I met and chatted with a huge variety of like minded people and I hope to stay in touch with lots of them.

My biggest thank you is to Paul Fieldsend as I genuinely couldn’t have done it without him, he set up my stand, he fixed my internet, he organised the packing and he engaged knowledgeably about the printmaking processes as I moaned about my sore feet.

theres still some pieces left ……

Toyobo prints ready for Glasgow Art Fair

16 new Toyobo prints all mounted, signed, framed and strung and ready to go to the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair at Kelvingrove on 17-19 May

Hugely reasonably priced at £160 or less, they are all variable editions as I mix the colours each time so they will never be 2 the same. Tryptics (the 3 grey at the bottom and the 2 colour images) from the Blue Bird by a Russian Dance Troupe are £420 large framed and £360 small framed

Once they’re gone – they’re gone


When your new sofa arrives with enough packaging to build a new house its probably better to make something useful than recycle in the tiny bins in Edinburgh.  Rather than use bubble wrap, plastic and sellotape Ive made loads of boxes for the fabulous art Im selling at the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair at Kelvingrove Marquee on 17-19 May.