Once upon a time there was a little Art Fairy

Once upon a time there was a little Art Fairy, she had bright coloured hair and was more stubborn than anything in the whole world.  One perfectly procrastinating day the little Art Fairy was flitting from thing to thing ” I wish, I really just wish that that I could have an art epiphany” she squeaked as she went from acrylic paint to lino-cuts to photography, dipping her wing in some resin and whilst feverishly sharpening her pencils and drinking another vodka….

Her studio started to shake and spin, all her art equipment went flying off in all directions and as if answering her wishes, with a loud muttering of “nim,nim,nim” the Focus Wizard appeared.

“Wow” exclaimed the little Art Fairy, “Id heard the rumours but I never thought you’d help me”

“Ahhhh little Art Fairy” said the Focus Wizard in his deep, hypnotic voice, “the universe has been hinting at your lack of focus for years and years and now its time for me to help you with the bleeding obvious. ”

The Focus Wizard made the little Art Fairy put away all her random art stuff, her engraving tool; her oil paints; her epoxy resin; her embroidery thread even her collection of blank Russian dolls.  She was only allowed to keep her sketchbook, acrylic paint, camera and varnish.

“Little Art Fairy, you love vintage filmography and fabulous actresses – especially from the 1920’s to 60’s and once upon a time you started a series you’d called ‘Faded Stars’ – now is the time to focus cos these pictures are brilliant”

“Blimey” said the little Art Fairy as she put down her vodka “so what you’re saying is, if I just work on the things that interest and make me happy then I’ll have a strong body of work?”

“Yeah” said the Focus Wizard, “whatever, now just bloody get on with it….”



Artists Statement A conceptual artist whose work and research centres round the subject of glamour, 1920-60's actresses and memory. Member of the printmakers workshop for the past 10 years and works predominantly with woodcuts but has recently discovered the joy of Toyobo relief printing so be prepared for more of them. My work involved photographing, sketching, printing and reworking images . I like things that look like mistakes, loving the medium and the rawness of the printed image. My influences are fairly diverse but when in doubt I cant go wrong with Bruce Nauman, Picasso, Matthew Barney, Helen Chadwick and anything to do with the Flux Movement. Happy to take on your commissions - just email me at vilebodies@hotmail.com sarah-ewilson.co.uk View all posts by SARAH WILSON

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