October exhibition with the ESBAT girls

Well last night was the opening of “Touch” the latest exhibition from the collective. It’s situated in @Patriothall (Stockbridge, opposite the library and back a bit!!). Loads of people came to view and support and it was lovely catching up with my acquaintances from the olden days when I ran @Axolotl Gallery on @DundasStreet. Anyway, I had 2 pieces on display “Not Waving” being my biggest painting to date “my homage to the Sistine Chapel – representing beauty and grace falling from above , their serenity masking their struggle”

The second part is 6 Russian dolls but only 5 are a complete set – the 6th piece will never belong. Printed around each doll are lyrics from @Davidbowie ‘heroes’ which can only be read when the figures are moved and no longer complete.



Artists Statement A conceptual artist whose work and research centres round the subject of glamour, 1920-60's actresses and memory. Member of the printmakers workshop for the past 10 years and works predominantly with woodcuts but has recently discovered the joy of Toyobo relief printing so be prepared for more of them. My work involved photographing, sketching, printing and reworking images . I like things that look like mistakes, loving the medium and the rawness of the printed image. My influences are fairly diverse but when in doubt I cant go wrong with Bruce Nauman, Picasso, Matthew Barney, Helen Chadwick and anything to do with the Flux Movement. Happy to take on your commissions - just email me at vilebodies@hotmail.com sarah-ewilson.co.uk View all posts by SARAH WILSON

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