Month: December 2009

Portable museums!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I lost my Depeche Mode tickets – these were part of a Christmas weekend surprise I’d organized for my friend Jill and without them it was just a couple of days in Glasgow!

With all the building work currently going on I had to search the entire house, drawers and cupboards, everywhere.  I realized I have a strange collection of things I keep – not just in case – but because they have a sentimental reason that I can’t really remember.

Every time I tidy a drawer these objects get put back – these include a nut I found on a beach in Dubai, a chicken feather I found attached to an egg in the egg box, the plastic penguin I was fleeced for a euro for in Berlin.  My wisdom tooth, a Spice Girls ring, the bracelet Charlie won me at the fair and is luminous yellow, some shells and some strange stones – etc etc the list goes on.

When I am old a gray these things will just be chucked in a bin cos they have no meaning to anyone at all so I decided to cast them in resin as a series of plaques or coasters – this is an ongoing project as I keep uncovering ‘treasures” – its a 3 dimensional list and it makes me very happy RESIN ROCKS!

oh yeah – I never found the Depeche Mode tickets so had to buy another set off ebay!