Month: September 2009


Flew over to Berlin on Friday morning to check out the Celeste prize – and to have a lusting look at the Hamburger Bahnhof for my fix of Bruce Nauman and Matthew Barney.


MALICEBeen playing about with photos – taking shots through different things – check this ootLOTS OF MALICE

kippenbergwhite cubeCRATE BERLINloads of me in berlin

and from Die Kunst ist Super! a week bit of FLUX

DUCHAMPDuchamp van photographed through a kaleidoscope !

The Celeste Prize is an International contemporary art prize and a network for arts professionals – check it out on 

We had arranged to meet a few of the artists with a view to inviting them to exhibit at AXOLOTL Gallery. (Italian painter) (South Korean – graphics photographer) (United States – Installation) ***** MY FAVOURITE******** (Indian – Video) ********MY FAVOURITE VIDEO EVER*********

damien hirstthe artist firing tomatoes at a poster of Hirsts skull!!


its not all black and white ….

Finally I have pulled all my ideas and peoples advice together and the blokes arrived this morning to start making small changes to my gallery space.

The best advice I got was from Ben Fallon who said “just do it!” – so I am.