Month: August 2009


Be careful what you wish for ……..

Cos it may come true YIPPEE!!!!!

Today we registered and set up two galleries.  We got the lease on 4,000 square feet of space on Bernard Street now known as the AXOLOTL GALLERY and I have agreed to sole ownership on the AXO Gallery at Queen Charlotte Street and have registered such at Companies House.  

Having spent months fannying about arguing about the content of the galleries I am delighted we finally agreed that Axolotl will be our main gallery where we exhibit paintings and sculptures submitted by Scottish and European artists – currently focussing on the work submitted to the Celeste Prize.  My gallery will focus on contemporary work and contemporary paintings with regular exhibitions.  Pieces being sold in the main gallery once the exhibition ends – at least that is my current situation.

Currently arguing about the gallery layout and the architects plans!!

I have gutted out my studio space and set up an easel and work top so I can throw myself into my next project.  

and now -please google an axolotl cos it’s cool and we have one!!!!