Month: March 2009


The box I found is just a box – it became a tool box when someone decided to store tools in it.

My project is nothing to do with the tools but the space they take up.

After death objects take on more significance.

Everyone has a box or drawer and each one contains space.

I cast the space that you cannot touch – and now you can.  My final piece is an alternative record and it interests me.

Rachel Whiteread’s sculptures solidify space.  Casting directly from known, familiar objects, the artist makes manifest the space in, under, on or between things.  Her casts hold and occupy space, central to her work is that the materiality is also an index of absence.  In the casting process the original, the recognisable object which the work seems to be ‘about’ is lost.  What is left is a resude or reminder, a space of oscillation between presence and absence.

Rachel Whiteread – Shedding Life

The only piece of furniture, among all that he possessed, for which Carre-Benoit felt real affection was his solid oak filing cabinet, which he contemplated with satisfaction whenever he passed in front of it.  Here, at least, was something that was reliable, that could be counted on.  You saw what you were looking at and you touched what you were touching.  Its proportions were what they should be, everything about it has been designed and calculated by a meticulous mind for purposes of utility.

The Poetics of Space



So, I am in the process of cataloguing the contents of the tool box, layer by layer and box by box and photographing, measuring and sketching each item.  

I have been reading An Anecdoted Typography of Chance by Daniel Spoerri – this appeals to my Fluxus appreciation – where four artists (Robert Filliou, Emmett Williams, Dieter Roth and Roland Topor) list and comment on everyday objects.

In connection with a one man show of his snare-pictures at the Galerie Lawrence in Paris in 1962, Spoerri wrote his Topographie Anécdotée du Hasard (Anecdoted Topography of Chance). Spoerri was then living at the Hotel Carcassone in Paris, in room number 13 on the fifth floor. To the right of the entrance door was a table which his wife Vera had painted blue. Spoerri drew on a ‘map” the overlapping outlines of all the 80 objects that were lying on the table on October 17, 1961 at exactly 3:47 p.m. Each object was assigned a number and Spoerri wrote a brief description of each object and the memories or associations it evoked. The descriptions cross referenced other objects on the table which were related. The Topographie Anécdotée du Hasard was printed as a small pamphlet of 53 pages plus a fold out map and index and was distributed as an advertisement for the exhibit. 

Been looking at “Shedding Life” – Rachel Whiteread and my favourite – Bruce Nauman and the castings of the underside of chairs.  I chose to cast the inside of the tool box – the space required to contain the tools catalogued.

vaselineFilled all the holes with dental mould and vaselined up the inside of the box so the plaster doesnt stick – it did leak a bit out of the edges tho – 


Had to whack the box about a bit to loosen the mould but the results are great.

wood-glue and the delicious irony – I fixed the broken box using some of the nails from its contents – but there was no hammer so I had to get one from my tool box!!!