Month: November 2008





Plato – negative towards art – art is deceptive (minimis)

Aristotle – questioning Plato (A was P’s student) – people can react emotionally towards art – art has a place in society.

Beauty and art never considered together until aesthetics

Renaissance – changing role of art via Christianity – perspective and golden section (mathematical)

Art became a desirable commodity – art changed, artists became famous

Late Renaissance – art becomes autonomous – can exist alone as art

1750 – term aesthetic used for 1st time – vital art of being

Modernism – not trying to replicate

Romanticism – helped inform impressionism

Sublime – perfect – linked with ideas of beauty, overwhelming, unrepresentable, feeling of delight

German Romanticism

teschen-alterCasper David Friedrich – 1807 – 1808 ‘Tetschen Altar’

Landscape (dominant) Christ facing sunset, Xmas trees, not mathematically correct

wanderer-above-the-sea-of-fog‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’ 

Infinate landscape, overwhelmed, sublime landscape, solitary, spontaneous experience

shipwreck1‘Polar Sea’ 1824

Shipwreck, immortality, contemplating yourself, not part of this experience

French Revolution

raft-of-the-medusaTheodore Gericault ‘Raft of the Medusa’ 1819 (491cm x 717cm)

Moment of living, 12 days later see and signal to ship (hope)

Captain survived – with the money

The painting signifies Injustice

liberty-leading-the-peopleEugene Delacroix ‘Liberty Leading the People’ 1830 (260cm x 325cm) – French Revolution

Realism – Power of People

burial-at-ormansGustave Courbet ‘Burial at Ormans’ 1848 (314cm x 663cm)

Death as an everyday occurrance

stonebreakers‘Stonebreakers’ 1849

Overlooked people, representing all levels of society

gleanersJean Francois Millet ‘Gleaners’ 1857

Gentle acknowledgement, raising low levels of society

Impressionism – Not about religion, individual experience, life, medium of paint – in 1872 photography started

music-at-tuilleriesEdouard Manet ‘ Music at Tuilleries’

olympia‘Olympia’ 1863 (130.5cm x 190cm) – (Venus of Urbino Titial 1538)

sunriseClaude Monet ‘Sunrise’ 1872 (48cm x 63cm)

Smaller, worked outside . immediacy

dejeuner-sur-lherbeManet ‘Dejeur sur l’herbe’ 1863

Bow Wow Wow Album cover!

beach-at-trouvilleClaude Monet ‘Beach at Trouville” 1870

rain-seam-and-speedJMW Turner ‘Rain Steam and Speed’ 1844

Acknowledging landscape

Post Impressionist

labsintheDegas ‘L’Absinthe’ 1876 (92cm x 68cm)

Cezanne ‘The Cutting’ 

Growth of industry – negative way – landscape

modern-olympiaCezanne ‘Modern Olympia’ 1873

Plays with pespective, we are observer of whole scene (moving towards abstraction)


demoiselles-davignonPicasso 1907 ‘Demoiselles d’Avignon’ 

13 years after it was made it was exhibited – African mask – other cultures 

guitar-player‘Guitar Player’ neutral palate, about form not colour

nude-descending-staircaseDuchamp ‘Nude Descending the Stairs’ 1912

5 yrs later made urinal

the-sublime-is-nowBarnett Newman article

‘The sublime is now’ 1948 – artists moved to abstraction, trying to evoke and emotional state


Since the talk with the Martin and Kevin from Cumbria I have tried to refine my ideas dramatically.

I think there is definite mileage in the postcard idea and I have followed it through my sending 9 postcards written using my dads quill and ink – however I decided against using the family wax seal and drawing designs on the back – the cards remain blank on one side.  I had considered placing ink or paint beneath the letterbox so the house could “reply” – yup that is incredibly contrived as it would be me that set the constraints for the “reply.

The postcards say:


there are 17 stairs from the upstairs to the hall and the 5th one creaks

pulling toffee and toasting bread are the two best things to use an Aga for

the pipe under the grass must be warm as the cat slept there

the kitchen worktop next to the homebrew is the best place to sit

the glass in the left panel of the bay window is distorted

the wind in the chimney sounds like wolves

I really like the postcards and may consider making an artists book from them.

I have completely dropped the idea of a collage however I did get another tattoo – the ivy leaves from the door plate that belonged to my gran, me, mum and my son’s bedroom.   I filmed it and will be putting it onto youtube once I finish editing it.


After the mid-way crit I have decided to use my photographs of the house for my final piece – I am looking at photography and trying different ways to reproduce the image.  Some of the photos have been reshot using the poloroid and I am working on different print sizes.