Month: July 2008



Arrived in Berlin!

Staying at the Generator Hostel, it’s ok and the outside bar is great if you like pumpin 80’s music!.

Most of us decided to check out the local flea market – definately a good decision, bought the saddest most pathetic penguin for 50 cents – its small, and plastic and it looks like it should be in the bin but I felt sorry for it!

The Alan took us to the Squat – a wicked artist/hippy colony bar – bit like WASPS on acid. Loads of amazing rusted recycled sculptures, big words in metal and cool welded sculptures. The inside was a huge piss smelling warehouse with graffiti everywhere and artists studios, 2 small cinemas and a bar. Justine was in her element and would love to work there (providing the hippies leave)!

Sat outside on rubber tyres and drank mojitos.


After nattering to Grace till the early hours I finally got some sleep. Went shopping during the day, long hot day. Sofie and I gave up at 4pmand went back to the hostel for a shower and sleep.

Bus tour round Berlin to check out the architecture – I loved the building sites! Did loads of sketching, chilled out with Jade in the evening


The reason we are here – to check out the art. It was a hell of a lot of walking – saw most of the exhibitions but was dragged out early when everyone left or lunch and I’d been engrossed in a very long digital installation – I was determined to stick it out till the end so missed the whole top floor.


I have an unnatural obsession with Cremaster Cycle.

Excellent holiday – very very inspired – did more sketches than photos – photos are on flickr


101 things to do when on your summer holidays.. no 99 watch dvd collection

I am currently cheering myself up watching an epic film about Edvard Munch by Peter Watkins, it’s 221 minutes long and subtitled – but I’m holding out for a happy ending! Poor bugger didnt have much luck – slated by critics, most of his family dying hideously and that evil woman that dumped him – just imagine Eastenders in Norwegian – I own the dvd so just ask if you fancy borrowing it. I also watched Frank Auerbach “To The Studio” – I wish I had the dedication to work 365 days a year, its interesting listening to his sitters and seeing is work – but to be honest – dont like the man at all – too weird!