Month: November 2007


8.jpg7.jpg6.jpg5.jpg4.jpg3.jpg2.jpg1.jpgTook the car to North Berwick at the weekend to do a bit of filming.  Decided to use the cast I made last week in my video.  Had been working on the idea of fossils and the journey they have from initially being a creature to the fossilization and reformation over the years after its death.  By placing the fossil cast in the sand – which is made up of millions of shells from dead creatures I hope to show the end of a journey.




Although I originally showed a picture by Euan Uglow as my example of a successful painting after seeing the Joan Eardley exhibition I definately want to include Brother Sister.  I think it is a beautiful example of her work.  The way she used the white paint to give the illusion of light falling on a drab little scene and to lead your eye around the painting.  A little boy and girl, obviously very poor children living in a slum in Glasgow.  The graffiti on the walls behind them, the little boy holding the girls wrist with one hand and a bottle of milk in the other.  Finally the little girl with her ill-fitting dress and a little half smile – as though she is looking at you shyly.  I think it is BRILLIANT!!!!!!


Was doing a lot of sketch book work over the weekend – keeping the word MOMENTUM in the back of my head for every mark and stroke I made. The words I associated with MOMENTUM were all very rythmic and purposeful; MOVEMENT, TICK TOCK, FAST FASTER FASTEST, SLOW, BACKWARD FORWARD. I then looked at the recent exhibitions I’d seen – in particular Richard Long’s Walking and Marking. Also John Stezaker’s photography exhibition at Stills. I like the idea of mixing photographs with painting and building up a final design through layering. On Tuesday Claire and I started work on 5 pieces, I put the initial marks down, using red, green and yellow – thinking of the slow rythmic momentum of car windscreen wipers and changing traffic lights. I went from one piece to the next trying to keep a quick momentum in my work. Then it went backwards and forwards between me and Claire. I like this way of working – its all or nothing with me!!



OK scrap the New Years Resolution – just do my research better next time.  I had looked at “The Fort” on Virus My Space – you are able to play two videos at the same time and I was running “Beethoven’s Symphonia, Starcraft Mix” that I found at the end of “The Cast” so I had a rather weird sound track (which is actually great!).  Anyway, I went into the actual Virus website and read about the found footage and it all made sense – I think!

 Went to see the Contemporary Sculpture at the RSA on Saturday – really liked the wierd picture with the two large eyeballs from Jessica Harrison   but was disturbed by “Virgin Mouth” – it looked like something someone will probably cast in Neil’s class!  Also liked the work by Natalie Taylor, pictures of seeds and the shadows of the trees they grow into.

Obviously I went to see Joan Eardley exhibition – I am a huge fan of hers and the wee squint Glaswegian kids with red hair and cross eyes are bloody brilliant!

(the picture at the beginning of this post is my life drawing from Friday)


Since reading the assignment I have been trying to play a video from the blogroll but have had no success so I decided to review an installation from the Virus website as it is the only one I can play and I will be making it my new year resolution to work out what the hell it is about!


The video last for 2 mins 22 seconds minutes and seems to be shot by a hand held camera that pans around 4 vertical screens.  Two of the adjacent screens play video’s on both sides – it is difficult to make out the images as some seem to be upside down and all are very crackly as though affected by something external (like when a mobile rings next to a p.c).  The other screens have a large black dot  in the centre – the camera moves to the middle of the screens and there is a wooden box with a piece of black fabric next to it, on this there is something that looks like 2 badges or buttons and balancing on the box is a thin piece of wood.

REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER and keep the fireworks away from Mr Signer

What an explosive weekend I could have had – had I not got miraculously drunk on Friday night thus cancelling all of Saturday and most of Sunday! 

Anyway – I went to the Roman Signer exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery on Sunday, now this lights my candle – mainly because it made me laugh.  I loved the installation with the black and white screens showing “signing hands” for the deaf explaining the crazy short colour videos below. 

Now my collaboration project is “Momentum” and not “Height” – I have recommended Claire and Nadine go and see the exhibition – as you can’t get more momentum than “Rolling Barrel”.

 On Sunday I sat reading last weeks Times, (I do get round to reading it eventually)  the article about the 2007 Turner Prize and the Nathan Coley installation, describing him as a tedious installation maker, “who seems at some point to have attended a polytechnic course on the signalling of authority in public spaces, and has been making models ever since, charting the arrangement of power structures on a typical housing estate.  or some such enthusiasm-crushing twaddle”.   (I love Januszczak’s reviews!!!)

I was sitting in the kitchen drinking tea, having saved the article from litter tray lining.  The washing machine and dish washer were humming in the background and my kittens were playing at my feet.  It was a very content moment in my life and I decided to capture it on film – it’s not fast, it’s not funny – its just a snap shot of my perfect morning.