Month: October 2007


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29 October 2007

As I have a kid I like to work with him in my art work (so pretty much all I do is a collaboration of sorts!!!!!) so we both went to Corstorphine Park and flew paper aeroplanes his grandad had made him.  Note to self: It is virtually impossible to film a piece of paper gliding magestically across an open space when it is windy!  Anyway – I gave it a go and from the 20 minutes of footage I managed to salvage enough to make a short video – hopefully I have managed to upload this onto You Tube.

As my collaborative partner has left the course I will be joining Nadine and Claire for a collaborative threesome! 

 Working with Grace for the week long collaborative video project on JOURNEY – we decided to film the “casting” class with Neil last week – I put a cast on Grace’s foot and we will be freezing water inside it then filming it melting, we intend to put coloured ink in the water and let it spread over a map as it defrosts – could be interesting, could be nonsense – regardless I will have an inky bit of paper that when it dries I can build another aeroplane!!!!

On an exciting note – I sold my painting – “Our Lady of Lourdes” – to say the colonic irrigator that bought it, loved it, is an understatement – she was peeing herself (could have been worse) – and I am £150 better off!!!

Brain storm

height.JPGI have actually been thinking a great deal about the word “height” and how to make a decent collaborative work.  To be honest it is doing my head in – I would like to make paper aeroplanes and put really wet paint on each one then see the patterns it makes when flown.  I thought this was a lovely idea and could emulate the movement of rain water on a gliding birds wing!   Anyway – had some alphabetti spagetti and realised this project could be taking over my life!!!!!!!!!

Raindrops of roses and whiskers on kittens …


For some bizarre reason I am working on 2 commissions – both religious!

The first one is for a blokes mum who is Greek Orthodox and in a care home, the other is for a woman who does colonic irrigation and really wants a picture of Our Lady of Lourdes for her bedroom – holy shit!!!

I am also now the proud mum of two tiny kittens – bumblebee and grey matter!!


Had a bit of culture on Sunday – went to the Queens Gallery for the Bruegel to Rubens exhibition – oh yes, those masters of Flemish painting knew a bit about brush strokes – there is a brilliant Massacre of the Innocents – its a huge painting of bad blokes hacking up geese and other live stock – if you look closely you can see legs and arms sticking out from under the paint.  This was to spare nice people from the horrors of the subject matter of the original painting which was the slaughter of children. 

The Queens Gallery shop is brilliant – I bought a pair of Palace slippers – I asked if the Queen had ever worn them – the poor wee boy behind the counter thought I was serious!

The Weekend

collaboration4.jpgcollaboration3.jpgcollaboration2.jpgcollaboration1.jpgWent to the WASPS open day on Saturday – the one at Dalry.  Really loved the paintings by Shona Finlay – she does cool portraits.  Fell in love with one called Jazz – it was a short dark haired woman laughing heartily, reminded me of my mum!

Went back to see Richard Long exhibition at the Modern on Monday – took my mate Nicky.  I like the idea of leaving your mark on the world by constantly retracing your steps.  Too lazy to do it myself tho!

And obviously – Nadine’s party – see photo’s!!!!  Even under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol we still managed to knock together a collaborative piece!